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Meet The Artist

Explore & Draw – Meet The Artist

“There is no one way to become an artist” – Luna Zsigo

Luna collaborates with artists from many different disciplines to create unique and exciting art events that are wide ranging and varied. Materials are provided and all abilities are welcomed and encouraged to connect with their inner creative.

Explore & Draw – Strength of the Earth Day at Shorne Woods Country Park was an idyllic setting for yet another of her many sell out events!

Collaborating with ceramicist Naomi Boyle, musician Antoine Lynn , painter Simon Mills and writer Neil Thorne, Luna created a wonderful and relaxing day full of inspiration and creativity.

The day started with an uplifting and thought-provoking inspirational talk by ceramists Naomi Boyle, followed by the soulful sounds of sixteen-year-old Antoine Lynn . People were encouraged to paint to the music and to the still life compositions made up from Naomi’s ceramics.

In the afternoon painter of fifty years Simon Mills gave a live tree painting demonstration which was followed by a short story by Neil Thorne called, ‘What the Trees were thinking’.

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Here is a list of some of the artists I feel fortunate to have collaborated with:

Duncan Grant – Artist 2019 winner of Liberty Open Call
Rosemary McLeish – Artist, Writer & Poet
Simon Mills – Painter
Kathy Keefe – Artist, Milliner & Curator
Neil Thorne – Writer & Photographer
Julian Kent – Potter
Ben Cotterill – Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Naomi Boyle – Ceramist
Liz Ost – Musician
Luke Bailey – Actor & Musician
Terry Lane – Musician
Kelly Stanley – Musician
Sean Wholihan – Musician
Antoine Lynn – Musician